Middle Passages: Gendered Diasporas (Visit Site)

Created in the seminar “Black Diasporas, Feminisms, and Sexual Politics” during the Spring 2009 semester, this educational and interactive, multimedia site is dedicated to decolonizing our worldviews as we map black women’s lives and narrate transnational and transhistorical stories of how they cross borders, exchange cultures, and forge diasporic identities. Using diverse media, including Google Maps, video, audio, images, and text, history is linked to the present day by focusing on “gendering” the history of the Middle Passage, highlighting women’s stories, and connecting this past with contemporary examples of migration, trafficking, and cultural flows.

"Cartographies" by Tatiana Parcero

Mapping Women’s Lives (Visit Site)

Created for the undergraduate course “Global Perspectives on Women” in the Spring 2011 semester, this educational and interactive, multimedia site uses Google Maps, digital video, and research to explore different issues impacting on women’s lives in global, transnational, and historical perspectives.

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Women Creating Change (Visit Site)

Created for the undergraduate course “Women Creating Change” in the Fall 2012 semester, this education site presents students’ research, made available via online resumes, of various women throughout history and across the globe who have impacted our world through significant political, cultural, and social change.

transcending silence…
Women’s Studies Undergraduate E-Journal (Visit Site)

Premiering in Spring 2004 and supported by an Innovations in Teachintsg grant, this electronic journal is the final outcome of students’ editorial work in the course, “Electronic Publishing in Women’s Studies” (co-taught each year by Professors Janell Hobson and Vivien Ng). transcending silence… is the longest-running electronic journal on the web, with interactive, multimedia features and a multidisciplinary focus of undergraduate critical and creative work from feminist perspectives.

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